The Effects of Fibromyalgia Mood Swings


Many patients will experience fibromyalgia mood swings when dealing with this syndrome. This is not as common because of the tension of having to deal with the syndrome. It is more to do with the alteration in the production of certain hormones in the body like serotonin. These are the hormones which help in regulating the brain chemicals which are related to happiness and even tempered natures.

Disruption in Personal Relationships

One of the ways in which this can cause problems is that it can cause the patient to have a general distancing between themselves and others. Part of the problem that you are going to realize is that through the depression, most of these patients will simply want to be alone.

Another thing which will happen is that with swings in mood, some patients will want to have help in one moment and get angered by help offered in the next minute. This can cause confusion in those around them which will cause many people not to want to help. The feeling of being ostracized can cause many to fall into even deeper depression or have even more pronounced mood swings.

Changes in Diet and Weight

Those who are already battling with changes in their metabolism as a result of fibromyalgia will also experience difficulty in going through periods of starvation to overeating. This causes the patient’s body to have even more problems with digestion. It will cause the majority of patients to feel as if they are unable to be able to do anything about it and allow themselves to continue to gain weight.

Relaxation Techniques

It is important to use a mantra along with relaxation exercises to regulate these kinds of psychological factors. Many patients have reported feeling more in control over their emotions as a result of this kind of action. By using these every day, even when not feeling stressed or going through mood swings, it will increase the time in between swings in emotion. Eating a balanced diet can also help in regulating your serotonin levels to control these problems.

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